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Dramatic transformations from an early 90's design to a current complete 
Remodel.  Priess Remodeling & More can help you acheive your dreams...
Original early 1990Updated with all professional appliances, maple cabinets, all new lighting in this Kitchen remodel.Awesome Kitchen with all the goodies.  Even a coffee station.  With huge bigscreen to family room.
We can transform your 1980's home into a beautiful updated contemporary home 
This is a 25 yr. old home that was in original shape.  Beautiful home just needed updating.It is amazing what paint, counters, and some minor design changes can do for an older home to give it a more updated and fresh look.This is the old wet bar area which was very dark and had no access to Kitchen.  The door seen in the picture was the access around corner and down hall to get to kitchen.Here is new area with wall removed to have access to Kitchen, new pendant lights where installed as well as granite counters.  Very open and changed the whole feel of the space.
Pergola in Heritage Ranch to complete a beautiful back yard.